pixie cut

pixie cut


Short Hairstyles

A Pixie Cut is one of the most popular types of short hairstyles. Confidence is the key to rocking particularly a short pixie cut 2021.

Very few hairstyles today are as daring and expressive as the world-famous Pixi Cut.

If you need a change and you want to throw unconventional into your hairstyle, you should check out all the reasons a pixie cut might be the best haircut for you.

Pixie Bob

Whether its a pixie bob cut or a pixie crop you’re looking for, or a longer pixie style, simply empower and inspire yourself with us by looking at some of the best short hair styles and best pixie cuts we can find.

Follow our advice on that haircut that’s hard to miss.

Be very careful though – once you go short, it can take some time to grow back.


pixie cut


pixie cut


History of the Pixie Haircut

This timeless short style has been worn for many decades now. Similar to the “bob haircut” the Pixie Cut is a low maintenance shorter haircut, however, to distinguish the main difference, the bob is usually cut traditionally to just one main length whereas the Pixie style is usually a more uneven cut that leaves longer lengths at the temples and usually cut much shorter around the back and sides with either scissors or clippers.

Trendsetters including model “Twiggy” from the sixties, movie star “Winona Ryder” from the eighties, and today’s pop star “Rhianna” have all rocked this shorter hairstyle. As you might have gathered by now, pixie haircuts are not for the timid.

Short Pixie Cuts have defined the characteristics that still allow for variability. Short cropped sides and back paired with a longer interior are the basic elements of a classic haircut, a fringe being optional.

Pixie cuts can flatter all types of facial shapes. Heart face shape, square or an oval can typically wear any hairstyle. This is a modern cut that can be worn one length or even textured for a very sexy, effortless style.


pixie cut

pixie cut

What products are best to style your Pixie Cut?

Whatever your hair type, pixie cut length, required hold strength and texture requirements, Hairbond United Kingdom is the one brand that’s got it all.

Here at PIXIECUT our team will only recommend the best products for styling your pixie cut. After we personally tried and tested hundreds of brands from all over the world, we discovered this British company delivered quality products that were head and shoulders above any other brand we’ve tried before.

Interestingly, Hairbond products aren’t manufactured to a particular budget, so we know we get the world’s best ingredients to make our hair look its best. The range is super easy to use and of course also free from parabens and sulphates. They also all wash out the hair effortlessly with water.

This professional haircare brand is not only popular among celebs but we noticed is also one of the most popular brands for pixiecut lovers. It doesn’t matter what colour your hair is, Hairbond products will not only protect your hair, but will without a doubt take your pixie haircut to the next level.

Hairbond United Kingdom products are available in popular online market places as well in professional hair salons all around the world.

pixie cut